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Elite Dude Elite Dude

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Most greasteret lawn mower shooter action ever!!

I have played Many Lawn Mower Elite Shooter Action Games in my Life and I must say this is the best of every other Game in this Genre! I can't wait to see a Sequel to this Excellent Game maybe it will feature more Lawn Mowers maybe with Electrical Powers they use to create Shock Waves to deal Damage to the Player/Protagonist maybe even more Back Story (why is the Mad Scientist MAD? Maybe make him even more mad it would be a Good Idea, I don't know.)! Use more Weaponry maybe you can kill them with Samurai Sword or Shotgun or even a Laser Machingun that you can unlock by killing many Lawn Mower!! Also maybe a Boss Mower that uses Telekinetic Powers for administering Great Damage to the Player/Protagonist and he's got Minions and everything little Mini Lawn Mowers with little Prison Knives trying to Shank you (Player/Protagonist). All in all Great Game I hope you will make a Great Sequel to that i can also enjoy as much as i enjoyed this Great Game!!! Good luck to you and your Future Endeavors Bye from Me!!!!

Recent Audio Reviews

(8bit) Flirtin' With Disaster (8bit) Flirtin' With Disaster

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Alright conversion

The song in it self isn't really good, but the conversion is by large OK. The drums sound like shit though, and you should really try making real 8 Bit-music and not fuck around with shitty VST's (correct me if I'm wrong here but this doesn't sound authentic at all).

Exactly33 responds:

You are entitled to whatever opinion you would like. This is a fan requested song and If you don't like it. Simply don't come back and listen to me anymore.

Hip-Tendo Hip-Tendo

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

-Tendo? Come on.

Just another generic NG song. Nothing even remotely related to anything nintendo-branded, nor particularly hip hop. Cut the crap, don't try to score 'nostalgia' points and just do something varied and melodic.

devyp2theizo responds:

Considering I'm still new to the whole music making thing ima take your comment as constructive criticism. Its named that because its what it reminds me of. Its only the second song I've made and i thought it came out pretty, BUT hey a five is better than nothing right?